Medicine For The Soul: Reclaiming & Trusting Your True Self


Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with your soul’s truth and guidance?

Are you in the midst of a Dark Night of the Soul?

Are You Ready to Reconnect with Your Soul's Wisdom, Guidance and Healing Power?

Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen & Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Medicine for the Soul audio program is here to help.

Imagine this:

  • You awaken every morning with a sense of possibility
  • You notice yourself appreciating things that you have that you have never noticed before
  • You feel more in alignment with your personal integrity
  • Those chronic feelings of depression, anxiety, and dissatisfaction are replaced by feelings of joy, inner peace, contentment, and achievement
  • You find greater satisfaction in your job, your relationships, and the life that you already have
  • Your sense of loneliness and separation disappears, and you discover that love is all around you
  • You discover new energy for passions you’ve ignored
  • Your health begins to improve and you’re able to take better care of yourself
  • Others are drawn to your joy
  • You trust the strength that has grown as a response to the obstacles that you’ve faced
  • You experience that there is hope
  • You know that you’re not invisible or helpless or impotent in this world
  • You realize that you can make a difference to others just exactly as you are
  • You know beyond doubt that if you weren’t here, the whole world would be a smaller place
  • You realize that you are enough
  • You are delighted in your differences
  • You feel that you deserve to be here

Most people in Western culture suffer from what the shamans of indigenous cultures call “soul loss,” a loss of meaning, direction, vitality, mission, purpose, identity, and a genuine sense of deep connection to Source and to one another. Soul loss can show up as a feeling of deep unhappiness that many have come to consider ordinary. The soul is our source of absolute uniqueness, a place within that connects you not only to your own value and essence, but to the value and essence of every other living being. What makes soul loss so subtle and dangerous is that very few people realized what has happened. We have normalized this painful disconnection from the soul, and yet, part of us knows something is missing. The good news is that although soul loss is epidemic, soul loss can be healed, and when it is healed, you see familiar things in new ways so you can increase your joy in what you already have.

Not sure if you’re suffering from soul loss? Take this little quiz.

  • Do you yearn to be of service, but you have no idea what you have to contribute and why it matters?
  • Do you find yourself striving in vain for an impossible-to-achieve standard of perfection?
  • Do your fears keep you from living large?
  • Do you worry that you’re not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, young enough, [fill in the blank] enough?
  • Do you feel like your daily life is meaningless and task-driven?
  • Do you often feel helpless, hopeless, or pessimistic?
  • Have you lost touch with the joy in your work or family life?
  • Do you often feel you don’t really matter?
  • Do you feel that you’re always trying to fit in and belong?
  • Do you feel beaten down by the challenges you face in your life?
  • Do you feel fatigued, even when you’ve had plenty of sleep?
  • Are you able to accept love and nurturing?
  • Are you depressed, anxious, or chronically worried?
  • Do you feel like you’re not appreciated enough?
  • Do you find yourself judging others?
  • Do you numb yourself with alcohol, drugs, sex, television, or excessive busyness?
  • Are you disappointed with life?
  • Do you protect your heart with steel walls?
  • Do you question whether your love makes a difference?
  • Do you often feel alone and isolated in a crowd?
  • Have you forgotten how to dream?

If you answered “Yes” to several of these questions, you may be suffering from soul loss without knowing it.

The soul is often misunderstood, but poet Mark Nepo describes it best in Unlearning Back To God: Essays on Inwardness 1985-2005:


“Each person is born with an unencumbered spot, free of expectation and regret, free of ambition and embarrassment, free of fear and worry; an umbilical spot of grace where we were each first touched by God. It is this spot of grace that issues peace. Psychologists call this spot the Psyche, Theologians call it the Soul, Jung calls it the Seat of the Unconscious, Hindu masters call it Atman, Buddhists call it Dharma, Rilke calls it Inwardness, Sufis call it Qalb, and Jesus calls it the Center of our Love.

Break-freeTo know this spot of Inwardness is to know who we are, not by surface markers of identity, not by where we work or what we wear or how we like to be addressed, but by feeling our place in relation to the Infinite and by inhabiting it. This is a hard lifelong task, for the nature of becoming is a constant filming over of where we begin, while the nature of being is a constant erosion of what is not essential. Each of us lives in the midst of this ongoing tension, growing tarnished or covered over, only to be worn back to that incorruptible spot of grace at our core.

When the film is worn through, we have moments of enlightenment, moments of wholeness, moments of Satori as the Zen sages term it, moments of clear living when inner meets outer, moments of full integrity of being, moments of complete Oneness. And whether the film is a veil of culture, of memory, of mental or religious training, of trauma or sophistication, the removal of that film and the restoration of that timeless spot of grace is the goal of all therapy and education.

Regardless of subject matter, this is the only thing worth teaching: how to uncover that original center and how to live there once it is restored. We call the filming over a deadening of heart, and the process of return, whether brought about through suffering or love, is how we unlearn our way back to God.”

The more your soul get covered over, the more depressed, isolated, hopeless, meaningless, and burned out you feel. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?


Medicine for the Soul: Reclaiming & Trusting Your True Self

with Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen,
New York Times bestselling author of Kitchen Table Wisdom
& My Grandfather’s Blessings,
& Dr. Lissa Rankin,

New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine, The Fear Cure & The Anatomy of a Calling

Dear One,

Our scarcity culture lies to us, bombarding us with messages that we’re never enough. We’re never rich enough, loved enough, successful enough, brilliant enough, young enough, creative enough, sexy enough, spiritual enough, happy ehough—you name it. No matter how many self-help books you read, how many degrees you earn, how much therapy you get, how much you devote yourself to your work or give in to workaholic tendencies, how much you sacrifice yourself and caretake the people you love, the big secret is that we all feel exactly the same way. And no matter how hard we try, we’ve been taught to believe that we can never be enough. The biggest secret is that we’re already enough. This is what you will rediscover when you reconnect with your soul. Because we are not connected to the soul, we think we need to be perfect in order to matter. This pressure to be perfect leaves us vulnerable to depression, anxiety, addictions, loneliness, materialism, workaholism, and people-pleasing behaviors that lead us to sacrifice our self care, our integrity, our health, and our relationships. When you feel like you’re not enough, you’re prone to addiction, failed relationships, poor performance at work or over-achievement and workaholism, and being critical and judgmental, which leads to a loss of joy. Without a strong connection to your soul, you will always experience that you are not enough and you lose touch with the deep meaning that sustains your life as it already is. Without your soul’s deep presence as the guiding force of your life, you are robbed of your inherent strength and you lose the star by which you sail your boat. But what if this was all a lie? What if you’re already enough? What then?

The Never-Ending Struggle to Be Enough

We are always coming up with new resolutions; to try harder to be thinner or richer or more successful or more spiritual or more fit or prettier or more creative or more spiritually enlightened. But how’s this for a resolution? What if you were to make this the year that you discover that you’re already enough? Medicine for the Soul is not one of those programs that promises to fill the hole in the middle of your life. In fact, our intention is just the opposite. Instead, we’re going to help you discover what is already true—that you are worthy, that you already have within you a unique Divine spark that makes you inherently valuable, and that your love matters.

You Are Enough

Medicine for the Soul will enable you to let go of the constant striving for perfection and invite you to rest in the absolute certainty that you are one of a kind, that you are loved, that you belong just as you are, that your life matters, that your love matters, that your service matters, and that you do not have to be anyone different than who you already are in order to have a rightful place in this world. Rather than promising you happiness by teaching you the ten tips for getting the perfect body, the twenty ways you can make more money, or the three secrets to finding your soulmate, we will enable you to discover that you have within you the very thing that you’ve been looking for outside of yourself, the place where all of your own answers lie. We intend to help you facilitate an individual discovery of the wholeness that already exists within you, so you can live a happier, fuller, more purpose-driven life.

The Soul Loss Epidemic

HeartAs Rachel and Lissa both learned as physicians caring for people at the end of life, the ordinary experiences of life are often not ordinary at all. People at the end of life often discover the richness and importance of everyday life for the first time. In this present moment, we too are all far richer than we know. When you separate from your soul, comfort becomes a goal. Yet comfort is not what we really want. It doesn’t heal us. It drives us to all the wrong places—materialism, the small self’s desires, physical beauty, and belonging at the cost of our authenticity. By compromising our integrity in this way, we are separating from our souls again, and we are suffering as a result. We are constantly trying to make outside changes on an inside problem. We all think that if we change our life circumstances the emptiness we feel within will finally go away. But wholeness is already right here for us all.

Your Soul Is Your Best Teacher

One of the hallmarks of soul loss is our denial of it and our resistance to believing that we’ve lost touch with our souls. We tell ourselves that compromise is part of life, that it’s essential to getting ahead, getting along, being loved, and fitting into society. We turn a blind eye to the nagging sense that we are compromising not just our circumstances, but the very integrity that defines us. We settle because we’re convinced we have no other choice, and the outcome is depression, anxiety, difficulty in relationships, a loss of a sense of meaning and purpose, a feeling of chronic loneliness, and dark sleepless nights of the soul, all of which can predispose us to illness. But what if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if your soul is the cure for this condition? What if your soul is seeking you right now? What if when you ignite this part of you and heal from this epidemic of soul loss, you discover that your life is innately meaningful, filled with love, connection, mystery, awe, and beauty, just waiting for you to see it. What if all that is needed is seeing familiar things in new ways?

Does This Require Big Change?

Sometimes the soul needs space in order to heal, and this may require the courage to make some external changes in your life. Perhaps you need to switch careers in order to give the soul more room to breathe. Perhaps an unhealthy relationship is constricting the soul, and it’s time to get into therapy, set boundaries, or even end things. Perhaps you need to find more people to love or relocate to a place that helps your soul come alive. Perhaps you need to give your soul permission to engage in more creative activities. The soul heals. The soul is your inner doctor and holds the secret of your healing. Such eternal changes may be part of the prescription the inner doctor of your soul writes. But very often, those kinds of major life overhauls are NOT NECESSARY! Reconnecting to the soul allows you to find peace and happiness right where you are in ways that are much simpler and more profound than you might think. It can be astounding to discover that you’ve had what you needed all along and have been looking in all the wrong places. Perhaps all that is needed is to see the life you’re already living in a different way.

Can It Be That Simple?

candle-in-handIt might sound like we’re oversimplifying the process of finding greater joy in your daily life. Yet, it really can be this simple. By learning the simple tools and practicing the exercises we will share with you in this program, tools that have proven successful for many thousands of people in Rachel’s programs and Lissa’s programs, you will become aware of a deeper layer of meaning that will infuse your days with richness and affect all aspects of your life, as well as the lives of the people around you. And the best news is that this kind of medicine has no side effects, costs very little, and can make a big difference in the quality and length of your life and the lives of those you touch.

Why Are Rachel & Lissa Leading a Program Together?

rachel-and-lissa-smAfter meeting in 2008, Rachel and Lissa have learned a great deal from one another. As physicians separated by a 32 year age difference, Rachel and Lissa come from two very different generations of women doctors and bring to this program the wisdom of the elders and the fresh perspective of a younger generation. Taking a cue from the music industry, where intergenerational mentoring and collaboration routinely creates great music, Rachel and Lissa envisioned this program together, knowing that the generational difference between them could only strengthen what both bring to the proverbial kitchen table. As Rachel and the late brilliant medical anthropologist Angeles Arrien wrote in the introduction to Transformational Conversations, there is an unmet need for intergenerational mentoring:

 “Remembering ourselves and our original values is not something that we can do alone. Much in today’s world separates us from our core values and makes it difficult for us to remember ourselves. We need others to befriend the hidden wholeness within us, to see it even before we can, to believe in it and reflect it back to us so we can recognize it as our own. Relationship allows us to find our way home together, to re-own our hopes, our promise, and our calling.”

In their own ways, Rachel and Lissa both realized that many of the challenges faced not just in modern medicine but in modern life stem from the soul loss that is endemic in our culture.  Because they are both committed to helping heal this soul loss, they decided to join forces in order to bring two very different but symbiotic perspectives to reclaiming the soul as the center of our lives.

Rachel & Lissa Have Learned from Personal Experience

Both Rachel and Lissa are passionate about teaching this program precisely because of their personal experiences with the pain of soul loss, as well as because of their experience working with patients and clients suffering from soul loss.

green-shirt1LISSA'S STORY

As children, we are all born with healthy souls, and after a happy childhood, my soul was still very alive and vital through my teen years, but my medical education changed all that. After a decade of difficult, sometimes abusive medical education, I felt disconnected from my soul. I know it never left me—souls never do—but at the time, I found it hard to let my soul guide my life. After ten more years working within a system that left me feeling like I was selling my soul for the comfort, job security, prestige, and financial stability my career offered, I found myself coming home from work at the end of every day feeling like I had so much more to give my patients, but the system was keeping me from serving in the way my soul yearned to serve. What resulted was illness, depression, chronic anxiety, insomnia, divorce, and a feeling of disconnection from the calling that drew me to medicine in the first place.

On the outside, it looked like I had the perfect life. Nobody guessed that something my soul was getting buried deeper and deeper. I was so worried people could see how dark I had gotten without the light of my soul shining through unimpeded that I tried even harder to cover the darkness with a mask of perfection. The more worried I got that I would somehow blow my cover, the more pressure I put upon myself to keep the masks in place.

But those masks only furthered my disconnection from my soul. I had the Doctor Mask, which led me to climb up onto a pedestal and pretend to know it all. Then I had the Artist Mask, where I pretended to be deep and brooding and mysterious. And then there was the Mommy Mask and the Perfect Wife Mask, which led me to feel the pressure of baking the perfect cupcake or always wearing sexy lingerie in bed.

It was exhausting, trying to keep up appearances, when deep down, I felt so lost, helpless, hopeless, and alone. But I was afraid to seek help. After all, I was a doctor. I thought I had to keep up the appearance of having it all together. Otherwise, who would trust me to take care of them?

Then my Perfect Storm blew through. Within two weeks of giving birth to my daughter, my dog died, my healthy young brother wound up in full blown liver failure as a rare side effect from the antibiotic Zithromax, and my beloved father passed away from a brain tumor. All hell broke loose, and my beleaguered soul stood up and said, “NO MORE!”

I finally decided to quit my job in conventional medicine in 2007. I now realize that as a sentinel moment in the evolution of my soul. Shortly after quitting my job, I wound up taking a writing workshop at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, where a quiet little voice inside me kept telling me I was supposed to go and meet someone. After ignoring the little voice for way too long, I finally gave in, and when I arrived at Esalen, a woman asked me why I was there, and I said, “Because I’m supposed to meet someone here.”

After listening to a little bit of my story, she piped up and said, “Oh, you’re supposed to meet Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen.”

I had never heard of Rachel, but when I got back home, I looked her up online, bought her book Kitchen Table Wisdom, read the whole book within 24 hours, and along with the 4 million other readers who have read Kitchen Table Wisdom, I fell in love with Rachel. We met soon afterwards at a workshop she was leading for doctors, and I have spent the last six years as part of a small group of doctors who meet monthly at Rachel’s house to discuss finding meaning in medicine.

In that circle of love, my soul started to heal from two decades of insults, and under Rachel’s mentorship, I found within myself a strength and a resilience I didn’t know I had. Some dim part of me I had almost lost touch with, the part I now call my “Inner Pilot Light,” began to flicker, and with the medicine of Rachel’s love and the love of the other doctors in our study group, I started to feel whole again for the first time in years. Once the barriers between me and my soul started mending, other parts of my life started falling into place. I started blogging and writing books and got in touch with my life’s purpose. Doing my soul’s work generated plenty of revenue so I could dig my family out of the hole of debt I had landed us in after quitting my job. Relationships I had nearly destroyed began to heal, and I started attracting new relationships into my life with people who were on the same healing journey to reclaim the soul that I was. As a result, my spiritual life, which I had long ago abandoned because my soul didn’t resonate with the rigidity and judgments of my strict Christian upbringing, began to come back to life. I found myself on a spiritual path that led me to explore a variety of spiritual practices that felt authentic to my soul.

As a result of this soul work, my health also improved, and I went from taking seven medications to taking only half the dose of one of them, and all of my many symptoms, the ones my doctors had told me would be chronic and require medication for life, disappeared. But the physical transformation I underwent was just the beginning of a transformational journey that is systematically changing everything in my life, especially when it comes to how I make decisions about what is and what isn’t aligned with my soul’s truth.

It all started with a little voice I now recognize as the voice of my Inner Pilot Light, which told me to go to Esalen, because I was supposed to meet someone there. Your soul can be tricky like that. The soul speaks in mysterious ways. It’s persistent and unrelenting when you’re not paying attention. It will appear in dreams if your conscious mind is resisting its presence. And if you’re really ignoring the whisperings of the soul, the Divine is likely to thwack you upside the head with the proverbial two by four, the way I was hit with my Perfect Storm. The voice of your soul may feel scary, because sometimes the whispers speak of truths you’d rather suppress. But the truth will always set you free.

Having been through the dark nights of the soul, I know the pain of that kind of suffering, and it fuels me to want to share with you what I’ve learned along the way, as well as the wisdom Rachel has helped me find within myself, which I have every confidence we can help you find as well.

I went on to found a training program for doctors and other health care providers called the Whole Health Medicine Institute. We joke that it’s “stealth shamanic training” because much of what we are teaching health care providers to practice is about healing soul loss and helping patients reconnect to the soul so the soul can guide the self-healing journey in a way that has the potential to significantly alter not just physical health, but mental and spiritual health as well.



My story is a little different. I did not expect that I would be welcomed into Medicine, which was at the time almost entirely a man’s field. Back then being a woman was seen as a significant professional shortcoming, something to be overcome. Respect for the healing qualities of feminine principle: compassion, intuition, touch, human connection, emotional literacy lay far in the future. I did not expect that the men in medicine (and even the few women in it) would be kind to me or appreciate me or enable me to fulfill my unique potential. I did not expect them to care about my emotional needs or my personal dreams. I simply decided that I would be a doctor no matter what it took, and if what it took was becoming a man, then I would be the best man in the game.

Like most other women in medicine at the time I had few other dreams and if I did I would certainly never speak of them in a professional setting. As I remember, the few women in medicine I knew put their profession first and the rest of their lives very much second. We all worked 36 hours on call and 12 hours off for years.

At the time I started medical school, Medicine was about curing the body, about the mastery of science and technique, the toughness to be objective no matter how much pain and suffering were around you, the ability to take fast, decisive and accurate action. Doctors never cried or hugged or even responded to the tears of others . . . even if those others were children. Doing so would be seen as radically unprofessional.

The first assignment of my internship training was in one of the most difficult places in the hospital for a neophyte to be, the pediatric emergency room. As a woman I had expected this. One of my first patients was a 16 month old toddler who drowned in his bathtub in the few minutes that his mother went to answer a knock at the door. We worked over him for hours but could not bring him back. Shaken, I accompanied the senior resident to tell the parents their little son was dead. They put their arms around each other and began to sob. I was so new at this that I too had tears on my face. Afterwards the senior resident told me that I had behaved very unprofessionally. “These people were counting on our strength and you let them down” he told me. Three years later when I myself was a senior resident almost the identical thing happened, This time I was in charge of the failed code. Taking the interne with me I went to tell the parents their baby was dead. They too broke down sobbing. After a few minutes the father looked up at me, standing silent and strong in my white coat with the shaken interne by my side, “I am so sorry doctor,” he said “I’ll get hold of myself in a minute.” It had only taken three years to become the sort of person that a grieving father feels the need to apologize to for weeping when his infant daughter dies. I had become a “real” doctor.

The more I denied and repressed the feminine side of my nature, the more wounded and less than whole I became, the more I was rewarded by my colleagues and my profession. At one point, an attending physician told me that he had not wanted to work with me. “But I was wrong,” he said. “Working with you is just like working with a man.” I took this remark as the highest praise and was thrilled by it. I actually treasured this incident for years before I realized what it really meant. I had not even noticed what had been happening to me or how wounded I had become. I did not realize I had let go of a vital part of myself and my identity.

But my soul was alive and well throughout all of this . . . periodically it would reach out and touch me . . . in dreams, in poetry, in moments of deep connection with a patient that I never spoke of to anyone else. The soul is patient, subtle, and present despite all. Often it will take you by whatever handle is sticking out and claim you for its own.

My healing began one afternoon as I was sitting at my desk at work. At the time I was the Associate Director of the Pediatric Clinics at Stanford and supervised a large number of men. My opposite number in the Medical Clinic came into my office and put a few brightly colored mimeographed sheets on my desk. “Look at this”, he said with a smile. “I think we should do this.” Reading quickly I saw that it was an opportunity to spend a free weekend a month for two years at a spa on the coast an hour south of us in the company of other doctors. “What is this?” I laughed. “What do these people want us to do?” “Nothing much,” he said. “Some people there have their own ideas about the causes of illness and the recovery health and they want to present them to us for our opinion.” I read on . . . .and suddenly I just knew that this was for me. My current boyfriend, tired of always being second to my profession, had just left me and this seemed like a GREAT way to meet men. So I went.

The “spa” was Esalen Institute, at the height of the human potential movement, the huge worldwide cultural shift that has expanded our sense of possibility and revolutionized the way we all think of human nature and the causes of health and illness. I did not meet a new man there. I met Abraham Maslow, Elmer Green, George Leonard, Michael Murphy, Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, Moishe Feldenkrais, Joseph Campbell and many more extraordinary thinkers and teachers. Brave people who thought and lived outside of the existing box. In their company I discovered that I, who had always obeyed the rules was by my very nature an “outside of the box “ person myself. Ultimately I became a pioneer of a new medicine and my soul became the compass of my life. But had I realized sitting there at my desk that I would have to leave Stanford and let go of years of hard earned training, that I would never realize my dream of becoming the first woman Head of a Department of Pediatrics on the West Coast or the Dean of a medical school, that I would suffer the disrespect and even the redicule of my profession for years until a sea change in Medicine turned into a tsunami of colleagueship and approval, I would have thrown those papers straight into the trash. But my soul had come back for me and took me by the handle that was sticking out and led me home to myself. I discovered among other things that the person I really was was exactly the right person for the work I was meant to do. I had dreamed too small . . . and had worked for the wrong employer. I had not worked for my soul.

In This Program, You Will Learn:

  • The one secret to having more love in your life.
  • A simple exercise that doubles your happiness, even if nothing changes about the external circumstances of your life (the 3 question journal).
  • One easy practice that amplifies the power of your soul to make a difference.
  • An unbelievably fun, easy exercise that will ramp up your sense of life purpose.
  • A variety of ways to discover and learn that your love matters.
  • One practical tip for healing your fear of rejection (practice rejection!).
  • One surprising way to stop judging others and start appreciating them instead.
  • Proven tools for increasing your joy by seeing your life with new eyes.
  • And much more . . .

By Participating in This Program, You Have the Opportunity to Benefit in the following Ways:

  • MEANING: You’re likely to feel a greater sense of meaning in your life.
  • CONNECTION: You’ll probably feel a sense of closeness and connection with the other people in your life.
  • JOY: When you recover from soul loss, symptoms of anxiety and depression tend to dissipate.
  • PURPOSE: Your everyday moments will be infused with purpose, so that you know that your life matters, your love matters, YOU matter.
  • PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS: When your soul is running the show in your work, you’re likely to notice that you attract the success you found it difficult to attract when you were suffering from soul loss. As long as your work is in alignment with your soul’s purpose, you may find that the clients appear, you get the deal, and things flow more smoothly on your professional path.
  • WEALTH: When you’re doing work that is in alignment with your soul, the money tends to follow.
  • CREATIVITY: Reclaiming your soul allows you to channel creativity in unexpected ways. You may find that the book you’ve longed to write/song you’ve wanted to compose/art you’ve yearned to create suddenly starts flowing through you.
  • HEALTH: When people recover from soul loss, the health of the body tends to improve. You may feel greater energy, experience relief from chronic pain, feel more vital physically, and even find yourself shifting to your healthiest weight.
  • SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: When you reclaim your soul, this process tends to awaken within you your connection to the Divine wellspring that lies within and without, and this connection with your own soul—and the soul of the world- has the power to change everything.

How Does This Program Work?

pinkMedicine for the Soul is a pre-recorded six week program, co-led by Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen & Dr. Lissa Rankin.

Medicine for the Soul Consists Of:

  • Six 60+ minute pre-recorded modules, which include lessons from Rachel and Lissa. Each week, a link to where you can listen and download that week’s session will be emailed to you. You will experience talks, exercises, and the opportunity to try out on your own what you have just learned.

Module 1: The Journey from Fear to Faith

One of the major causes of suffering is soul loss, but what is soul loss? How does it happen? What can we do about it? In this module, you’ll learn tools for healing soul loss.

Module 2: Stop Dimming Your Light & Let Your Light Shine

Dolly Parton says, “Find out what’s important and do it on purpose.” You came here to earth in order to grow your soul. But your specific soul may need to learn specific things-compassion or lack of selfishness, for example. You can’t ever know for sure what your unique soul is here to learn, but your life will be your teacher. Being a human being is deep soul work. Every life is a spiritual path, whether society approves of it or not. Even though your personality might not have chosen it, your soul chose this life. It chose your parents, your spouse, perhaps even your illness. So are you open to learning what life is offering you as lessons? In this module, you’ll learn what your “Small Self operating principles” may be, as well as what your “Soul’s operating principles” are. You’ll also learn how to use your soul’s operating principles to help you make decisions.

 Module 3: Resisting the Light

We are certainty junkies, so most of us are motivated by the desire to reduce uncertainty. It’s hard to move towards the good if it has uncertainty tied up in it. Situations of uncertainty provoke feelings of anxiety, worry, even fear. This leads us to avoid uncertain situations and to try to control our world in order to reduce uncertainty.  In soul work, there’s a shift in our relationship to the unknown and that shift says that the unknown may be dangerous or not dangerous, so we begin to wonder. Then, we become attracted to the unknown. It actually becomes an exciting adventure. And as we continue this journey, we come to trust what we don’t know and are simply curious. In this module, you will learn:

  • 5 Steps from fear to faith
  • Overcoming soul resistance
  • Generous listening
  • How are you resisting your soul?
  • How can you energize or strengthen the intention of your soul?
  • Who are the friends of your soul?

Module 4: Remembering the Soul of the World

Our resistance to soul growth also shuts us off from mystery, awe, and wonder.  One of the reasons to live a soul-driven life is that you get to see the world through the eyes of the soul. Awe is everywhere, so how do we lose touch with it? Why don’t we see awe everywhere? What keeps us from seeing awe? Have we become cynical? Are we too busy?  Are you numb or bored? This module will help you open back up to awe, mystery, and wonder, which are healing balms for the soul.

Module 5: Seeking, Interpreting & Acting on Your Soul’s Guidance

The mystery at the heart of life can talk to you at all times, showing up as a sort of spiritual guidance. Yet guidance may not be quite what you think. Guidance does not offer certainty. Guidance does not eradicate uncertainty. But it does ease fear, helping you know that you’re on the right path, even though you may not know where you’re going. Learning to tune into your soul’s guidance offers you a sort of protection against the discomfort of uncertainty. Even though life will remain uncertain, you will feel more peace with that which you don’t know. Your ability to hear your soul’s guidance increases the tolerance for uncertainty, even if there is a bad or difficult outcome. In this module, Rachel and Lissa discuss:

  • Remembering a time when you asked for and received guidance.
  • Ways to ask for, receive, interpret, and discern guidance.
  • Stories about the guidance in our lives.
  • Learning to trust and having the courage to take inspired action.

Module 6: Finding Your Soul Tribe

What makes a person a spiritual warrior is that they follow whatever path they’re on WITH HEART. The destination isn’t important; it’s in the traveling that one grows in spiritual power. It’s how you walk the path, not where you’re going. Whether you are a doctor or a janitor, it doesn’t matter. It’s how you do it. And when are you living that way, automatically your soul tribe will gather around you. Your soul community may not look like what you expect it to look like. You may not necessarily have much in common externally. However, you will have a shared meaning, a shared purpose, a shared intention. You may have to take initiative and put yourself out there. You may have to start something- a group, a community, a discussion—but your tribe is out there waiting to meet up with you. We are all here for an unknown purpose. Serving this purpose makes us happy and being around others serving this same purpose contributes to this happiness. In this module, Rachel and Lissa discuss finding and fulfilling your calling and how to know if you’re getting close.

  • Three 90 minute pre-recorded Q & A sessions with Rachel & Lissa, where you can listen to questions asked by people who participated in the live course and the guidance given by Rachel and Lissa.

You’ll also get:

  • Access to the recording of a 60 minute teleclass Lissa recorded withBrené Brown, New York Times bestselling author of Daring Greatly, about vulnerability and health.
  • 1 60 minute Bonus Call with SARK, artist and bestselling author of 16 books, on becoming the artist of your life.
  • 1 60 minute Bonus Call with depth psychologist Anne Davin, PhD on tribe building.
  • 1 60 minute Bonus Call with shamanic sound healer Rafael Bejarano, who is gifted at helping you use music to connect with your own soul.

sarkSARK(also known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is a bestselling author and artist, with 16 titles in print and well over 2 million books sold. These include the national bestsellers Succulent Wild Woman, Bodacious Book of Succulence, Eat Mangoes Naked, Prosperity Pie, Fabulous Friendship Festival, and her most recent book, Glad No Matter What; Transforming Loss and Change Into Gift And Opportunity. SARK and her company PlanetSARK.com created and produced hundreds of products utilizing her art and words for empowerment and personal growth. One of the featured trailblazers in the critically acclaimed PBS Series, “Women of Wisdom and Power,” SARK’s work is widely used by colleges and universities as required reading. She is a distinguished contributor to many magazines and periodicals, and her books have been translated into many languages. An acclaimed speaker and teacher, Susan has been teaching and leading workshops for over twenty years. She is a transformational role model offering inspiration and guidance to people in their process of living more powerfully and authentically, and being more actively creative on a daily basis. Her purpose in life is to be a transformer, an uplifter and a laser beam of love. She does this through her art, words and spirit.

Anne-DavinAnne Davin, PhDis a licensed psychotherapist and executive leadership coach whose 25 years of clinical and organizational psychology expertise guides and informs her work with Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Visionary Mentoring Program. She received a Doctorate in Depth Psychology (which is the study of the soul) from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she also taught as adjunct faculty. Her dissertation research, was inspired by her life as a young wife marrying into Taos Pueblo, a Native American tribe, and focused on the role of psyche and culture in the marginalized voice of the feminine. She is the past Director of Alcohol and other Drug Studies program for the University of California, Santa Barbara Extension and continues to provide training and clinical supervision for university psychology programs, Marriage and Family Therapist interns, and volunteer crisis workers. Presently, Anne directs the nation’s largest comprehensive systems change project for the California State Department of Education, making her particularly well suited to help facilitate systems change in the realm of health care. Anne resides in Marin County where she also maintains a private counseling and coaching practice for local and international clients. For more information on Anne visit www.annedavin.com.

Rafael-bRafael Bejaranowas co-founder of Sounds of Creation, an organization dedicated to sharing universal, indigenous values through Art, Music, and Cultural Education. In 1991, Rafael had a profound spiritual experience that altered the course of his life and led him to discover his gifts as a musician, healer and educator. Since then he has studied with indigenous elders and healers from many different cultures, particularly in the art of ritual, ceremony and sacred sound.

Through the use of indigenous instruments from around the world, Rafael becomes an “instrument” himself, as he is not just a performer but a tool for promoting a message of connection and greater possibilities for us all. His music fosters an environment in which to experience physical and emotional healing, creating a link between mind and body that allows us to tap into the potential of our hearts and uncover the possibilities within ourselves and one another. It was Rafael’s passion to share the gift of his heart and inspire others to do the same. Tragically, Rafael died in 2015, so we are blessed to have his memory preserved in this way.

2Brené Brownis a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past thirteen years studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. She has written multiple New York Times bestselling books, including Daring Greatly and most recently Rising Strong.

Brene is also the Founder and CEO of The Daring Way and COURAGEworks—an online learning community that offers eCourses, workshops, and interviews for individuals and organizations ready for braver living, loving, and leading. She has appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday many times, as well as appearing on PBS. She is a shame researcher who studies Wholehearted people and helps us learn how to cultivate courage by being willing to expose the truth of who we are to the people we trust.

Brené’s 2010 TEDx Houston talk, The Power of Vulnerability, is one of the top five most viewed TED talks in the world, with over 25 million viewers.

  • Surrender to Your Calling: A Digital Download MP3 Double Meditation CD featuring Lissa & musician Karen Drucker. This double CD includes the following meditations:
  • Meet Your Future Self—Allow yourself to be guided into the destiny of your future highest self.
  • Self-Healing Meditation—If you’re facing an illness, not feeling 100%, or just needing some preventive medicine, this meditation helps you access your Inner Doctor.
  • Access Your Spirit Guide—Meet the guide who can help you make conscious decisions, align with the highest good, and find comfort when you need it.
  • Tend Your Inner Child—Comfort yourself when you feel scared, sad, hurt, frustrated, or angry.
  • Navigate the Space Between Stories—Find peace and relieve anxiety when one story has ended and the other has not yet begun.
  • I Accept—Stop resisting life and accept what is.
  • Meet Your Pilot Light—Access the voice of love and guidance within.
  • Feel the Oneness—End the story of separation and experience the unity consciousness that opens your heart and aids in forgiveness.
  • Trust the Purposeful Universe—When life isn’t going your way, expand your consciousness and open yourself to trusting that everything—even adversity—can grow your soul and bless you.
  • Make Peace With Uncertainty—Come into right relationship with uncertainty when that which you thought was certain in life crumbles.
  • BONUS: A Gathering of the Tribes—Lissa reads a parable written by Charles Eisenstein as a shamanic invitation to find and fulfill your calling.

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